North Wicklow sees fall in road incidents – O’Sullivan

Greystones Town Council member, Councillor James O’Sullivan, has welcomed the publication of figures that show the number of incidents on roads in County Wicklow are beginning to fall.

Welcoming the reduction, Councillor O’Sullivan said, “Over the last number of years, all over the country, we’ve seen the number of deaths on Irish roads reduced. While measures have been taken nationally to assist this, such as additional speeding check points, measures have also been taken here in the Greystones area.”

“At Greystones Town Council level, I’ve pressed Council officials to implement road improvement measures to ensure everyone in the town – motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, are all safe when they’re on the go.”

Councillor O’Sullivan continued, “’Road safety improvemens in North Wicklow have been down to a number of factors. Most younger road users are better educated on the rules of the road and are well aware of the dangers associated with speeding and mobile phone use. I understand local Gardai are now visiting Transition Year students to teach them all about being safe on the road.”

“In Greystones, solar speed indicators have been secured in the area as an effective way of slowing cars down without the need for any more ramps. However, there are still many dangerous sections of road that will need to be upgraded to ensure our local roads are up to a high standard.”

“As a member of the Town Council, I’ll be continuing to do all that I can to support safer road use for everyone in the wider Greystones area”, concluded Councillor O’Sullivan.

Cllr. James O’Sullivan

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