Church Road to be resurfaced this summer – O’Sullivan

James O’Sullivan, a member of Greystones Town Council, has welcomed the news that Church Road in Greystones will be resurfaced during the summer.

Speaking after the May meeting of Greystones Town Council, Councillor O’Sullivan said, “The surface of Church Road has been left dilapidated by Wicklow County Council for far too long. We’ve all heard and seen a number of hairy incidents on the road in recent months with motorists swerving to avoid potholes and the awful speed bump on the road.”

“As a member of the Town Council, I’ve been pressing for council officials to tackle this state of disrepair and address it as a matter of priority. I’m very pleased to report after the May Council meeting funds have been allocated to resurface the road to make it safe once again.”

“It’s important that the Church Road resurfacing takes place as quickly as possible to make the road safe once again for all road users and pedestrians”, concluded Councillor O’Sullivan.

Cllr. James O’Sullivan

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