Issues at Greystones Train Station must be addressed – O’Sullivan

Councillor James O’Sullivan, a Fine Gael member of Greystones Town Council, has sought for a number of issues with Greystones Train Station to be addressed. These issues include the real-time information signs, an additional automatic ticket machine, access to child fare tickets, and the availability of ‘Leap Card’ top-up on the machines.

Speaking on the issues, Councillor O’Sullivan said, “For some time, Irish Rail have promised a number of items that would make it easier for commuters to use Greystones Train Station. However, to date, there has been little or no action taken.”

Councillor O’Sullivan has sought an update on the real-time information screens on the two platforms in the station.

“I know written assurances were provided previously by Irish Rail that they would get the electronic signs operational in the first-half of 2012. However, no action has been taken to date and they are going to miss the promised deadline.”

He has also sought an additional ticket machine in the Station to cope with the long queues which can occur during busy periods.

“A third automatic ticket machine is badly needed in Greystones Station. On many mornings, we have queues leading up the Main Street with people trying to purchase daily, weekly or monthly tickets for train. In conjunction with the National Transport Authority, Irish Rail should provide an additional machine which would go a long way to alleviating this situation”, said Councillor O’Sullivan.

Councillor O’Sullivan has also sought amendments to the existing two automatic ticket machines, which are situated in the station.

“There is regularly no Irish Rail attendant on hand to sell ‘child’ fares for people sixteen or under leaving them with only two unsuitable options – either resorting to buying an overpriced adult fare, or getting on the train without a ticket and buying one at their destination. Irish Rail should have the child fare option on these automatic machines in Greystones as a way of coping with the ad-hoc hours that the ticket office tends to keep.”

“Another serious issue which has been brought to my attention is that it is not possible to top up ‘Leap Cards’ on the machines in Greystones Station. I think the issue of not being able to top-up your “leap card” at the station is a major setback for the project, especially when people are able to do it at Luas stops.”

“As a member of Greystones Town Council, I have written to the Chief Executive of Irish Rail, Mr. Richard Fearns, seeking for these issues in Greystones Train Station to be addressed as soon as possible and I look forward to receiving an update soon”, concluded Councillor O’Sullivan.

Cllr. James O’Sullivan

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