O’Sullivan criticises area County Councillors

James O’Sullivan, a Fine Gael member of Greystones Town Council, has criticised the four Wicklow County Councillors for the Greystones area, branding them “a disgrace”. O’Sullivan made the comments after it had been revealed that none of the four County Councillors had made a submission to the Greystones Cycle Network Part VIII consultation phase.

Speaking after the closing date for submissions for the project, Councillor O’Sullivan said, “Based on the Managers Report provided to Greystones Town Council on the proposed cycle network, it has been revealed that not a single County Councillor for the Greystones, Delgany, and Kilcoole area made a submission during the consultation for these major road changes.”

Councillor O’Sullivan was one of three members of the Town Council to make a submission for the proposal which will have far-reaching ramifications for the people of Greystones.

Councillor O’Sullivan continued, “The Greystones electoral area is represented on Wicklow County Council, by Cllr. George Jones, Cllr. Derek Mitchell, Cllr. Tom Fortune, and Cllr. Grainne McLoughlin – all of whom failed to make any sort of submission to the Council on the Greystones Cycle Network. It is a disgrace that elected representatives in Wicklow County Council did not make a submission for something that will have serious implications for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists in the area.”

“Some of these Councillors often preach about being cycle-friendly or encourage the public to make submissions and yet when it came to taking action, all four seemed to be incapable of putting together a submission. Not only were they incapable of putting anything together, they even failed to say categorically if they supported the project. Thankfully, despite the lack of action from Jones, Mitchell, Fortune and McLoughlin – many local residents did make submissions to the scheme proposing amendments and outlining their views and concerns. Throughout the last number of weeks, I’ve engaged with people living in Mountain View Park, Rathdown Road, Rathdown Park, the Harbour area and other local residents about the proposed changes and I look forward to working with them to bring about positive changes”, concluded Councillor O’Sullivan.

Cllr. James O’Sullivan

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