O’Sullivan urges Wicklow County Council to take action on Lifebuoys

Tue, Jul 3, 2012

Local Facilities

Councillor James O’Sullivan, a Fine Gael member of Greystones Town Council, has urged Wicklow County Council to take action on missing lifebuoys in the area.

Councillor O’Sullivan made the comments after he carried out a review of swimming locations in the town. Speaking on the matter, Councillor O’Sullivan said, “Over the last six months I have consistently raised the need for more lifebuoys in the area. At the May meeting of Greystones Town Council, a commitment was given to ensure swimming locations in the Town would have adequate lifebuoys, however, this has not materialised.”

“According to Irish Water Safety (IWS), almost 150 people drown every year in our country and the provision of lifebuoys is essential in decreasing these type of deaths. Not having these at a location, such as the North Beach in Greystones, is putting swimmers and other water users at risk.”

“Another reality is that lifebuoys are expensive to replace. I would urge members of the public not to interfere with them unless it is a genuine emergency. Far to often we see lifebuoys that are vandalised or damaged beyond repair. If you witness any type of vandalism to lifebuoys please report this to Wicklow County Council or log ontowww.ringbuoys.ie to report a missing or damaged lifebuoy.”

Councillor O’Sullivan concluded, “We must ensure that the safety of those who use the water is a top priority. Otherwise, lives are being put at unnecessary risk. I will be continuing to pursue Wicklow County Council to ensure that lifebuoys are installed at all swimming locations as a matter of urgency.”

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