Wicklow’s Water Quality Results

I welcome the Environmental Protection Agency’s publication which shows County Wicklow is following the national water quality trend, achieving good results, in recent tests.

A total of 131 designated bathing areas were monitored in Ireland throughout the 2010. In County Wicklow samples were taken from six beaches. The results show there was good water quality at Brittas Bay North and South, Greystones and Silver Strand while Bray and Clogga Beaches were classed as sufficient.

I’m delighted that the beaches in County Wicklow have achieved these positive results from the Environmental Protection Agency.  These excellent amities are used by many local residents on a daily basis and are a strong attraction to tourists visiting the area.

During the Christmas period, I was fortunate to meet a group of local Greystones residents who swim on a daily basis, all year round. This group, the ‘Greystones Winter Zimmer Swimmers’, truly make the most of the wonderful resource we have on our door step by swimming in all conditions the year round.

Over the summer months it will be increasingly important that beaches all around the County are kept clean and litter free for the enjoyment of residents and tourists alike. I will be seeking that Wicklow County Council set aside adequate resources to ensure this is the case.

I would like to commend the staff in Wicklow County Council, local Wicklow residents and all the stake holders involved in ensuring that our beaches continue to meet these European standards.


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